Fuck yeah!

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We have over 30 watchers, it's not that much but it's pretty fucking awesome.

Sorry we haven't posted in forever, I'm busy with school and Raven is to and her brother takes over the computer. Fuck balls, but I have an icon post coming up and gif's, we love you guys!

Post some random shit in hurr, for serious like david boreanaz and his sexy self.

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Yeah, I made that in like a minute, but anyways.
I know I haven't posted in forever cause I've been busy and haven't taken the time to really sit down and make anything.
So I decided to do a request post.
I'll do normal sized icons, and icons for last.fm and fanfiction.net.
any fandom etc. You want.
Please comment with HQ pictures up to five.(since I love you guys just throw in a couple more and I'll make them if you want, haha)
Unlimited for now.